Collaborative Family Law & Mediation

Professional Support and Peaceful Collaboration

Divorce can be costly, both financially and emotionally. You don’t want to go to court. You don’t want your kids involved in a messy divorce. You just want a reasonable, tidy, permanent separation so that everyone can move on with their lives.

It’s time to consider Collaborative Divorce, a no-court approach in which both spouses have legal representation and access to professional experts who provide parenting, financial, and emotional support for you and your children.

In short, Collaborative Divorce results in a clean divorce, to the benefit of all parties involved.

Why Choose Clean Divorce ?

Rahul Aggarwal is a respected member of the Law Society of British Columbia. He hosts informal public meetings to explain the Family Law Act, impact both parents and children in separated or divorced situations.

Rahul sees clients from all backgrounds and economic groups, who suffer emotional, financial, and physical effects of bitter divorces. Rahul decided that his goal as a lawyer is to keep spouses and children out of court, so began his career as a Collaborative Divorce lawyer. Being able to help his clients in their difficult times, Rahul feels honored and fulfilled in his career. He continues to help many families find peace during and after separation or divorce, and he can help you, as well.

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If you need to discuss divorce or separation with a lawyer, or you have questions about mediation and Collaborative Divorce, call Clean Divorce.  With offices in Vancouver and New Westminster locations, Clean Divorce is your top choice for family law services in Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, and the Greater Vancouver area.

During your initial consultation, Rahul can answer all of your questions and equip you with the information you need to make wise decisions for your life, your children, and your finances.


Questions to ask a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Divorces are never easy but the process doesn’t have to be ugly either. Many couples are choosing to proceed with a collaborative divorce which is a peaceful resolution process aimed at keeping the process civil while avoiding litigation and eliminating the stress, nastiness and high costs associated to a traditional divorce proceeding. If you are

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How You Can Save Money with Collaborative Divorce

Ending a relationship can be a rather emotional and tough decision. After all, no one chooses to separate or divorce unless the relationship has become unbearable. Some separating couples are able simply come to terms, “shake hands”, and walk away; most cannot. If you do not have children or property, the process is much easier.

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List of Initial Divorce To-Dos

Separation or Divorce is complicated. It can affect you in legally, financially and emotionally. Dividing property that a couple has acquired throughout their marriage can be one of the most contentious parts of a divorce or separation. Your divorce lawyer can help ease some of your financial and legal stresses by advocating for your interests.

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