Benefits of Mediation

Working It Out, Out of Court

Parents swear, and child worriesLegally, a traditional divorce focuses on giving each spouse what he or she is entitled to, whereas mediation prioritizes what is best for each party and children in the family. Rather than entitlement, mediation deals with a fair and amicable arrangement in regards to all assets, debts, and custody or visitation issues.

With mediation for divorce, both partners and an unbiased lawyer, like Rahul Aggarwal, will hold discussions to determine the best outcome for everyone. Agreements are made, rather than court orders, and you and your spouse remain in control, rather than a third-party judge who knows nothing of your family, needs, and desires. If you seek a no-court divorce, learn more about mediation.


Mediation considers:

Most parents who are entering into divorce are greatly concerned about its effects on their children. With mediation, your children will not have to be observed and questioned, or be part of a court proceeding. As a result, keeping your children safe from these situations will help to reduce any potential negative effects of your divorce. Instead, your children will witness you and your spouse working together to put their needs first.

Without question, mediation is much more cost-effective than traditional divorce. You and your spouse will pay for only one lawyer and very little paperwork will need to be drafted. Furthermore, the lawyer will help you and your spouse come to an agreement on the disbursement of assets and division of debts, in complete confidentiality.

With mediation, you will be free to share your thoughts, and both your spouse and the mediating lawyer will listen. The goal is to work together to find neutral resolution on all issues, and because of this, the divorce is often finalized promptly and without contest. Before mediation begins, you and your spouse will commit to working diligently on finding neutral ground, so the emotional stress and struggle involved with conflict will not be present. Furthermore, once all agreements are made and the divorce is finalized, you will have peace of mind that you’ve done what’s best for your children and yourself.

Only you, your spouse, and Rahul Aggarwal will know the details of your divorce, including finances, history, custody, and sensitive subjects. Conversely, traditional divorce is public and can expose many facts that cause embarrassment and anxiety for everyone in the family.

By settling on issues out of court, you and your spouse will have total control of your divorce, your assets, and your debt, as well as your children’s living arrangements. This can bring significant peace of mind, which is not often a privilege associated with court-held divorces.

Mediation can go as fast as you and your spouse will allow. You will not have to wait on your spouse and his/her lawyer to make decisions or sign paperwork, nor will you need to wait for the legal system’s many potential setbacks. Instead, Rahul Aggarwal will work diligently, on your timeframe, to conclude the divorce mediation as quickly as you and your spouse’s schedule allows.

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