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Parents swear, and child worries
The traditional court-based approach to divorce is called litigation. When spouses seek divorce, but they cannot find common ground and agree on difficult issues, litigation may be an option. However, divorce litigation is very different from Collaborative Divorce or mediation. It is very formal, public, and time consuming, as well as expensive and emotionally trying.

Divorce Litigation is a Law Suit

If you go to court for divorce, you’re actually filing a law suit to be settled by a judge in court. You and your spouse will need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate through the court system. Litigation can be a stressful process. You can expect to:

• Strategize with your divorce lawyer before going to court.
• Spend one to three years working on your divorce.
• Experience emotional stress.
• See your children experience significant stress.
• Have everything shared publicly. Divorce litigation is not private.
• Spend tens of thousands of dollars.
• Not know until the final moment how the judge will rule.

Sometimes, Hiring a Divorce Lawyer is Necessary

If you and your spouse are not on speaking terms; cannot cooperatively negotiate, even with a mediator or if you both have lawyers; are not available to have kitchen table discussions; will not agree on certain terms; there is history of family violence, you may need to seek divorce litigation.

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