Family Mediation in Vancouver

A Neutral Expert

Parents swear, and child worries
Mediation is a completely voluntary way to resolve disputes. As a family law accredited mediator, Rahul helps parties resolve their family disputes and reach agreement amicably. The family law mediator does not favour either party. A mediator’s job is to facilitate conversation between parties so the parties can reach an agreement.

As a family law mediator, Rahul Aggarwal acts as a neutral third party who facilitates negotiations between spouses who seek legal separation or divorce.

The Difference Between Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

As a divorce mediator, Rahul is an unbiased, neutral professional who mediates discussions between parties, as they seek resolution for the terms of their separation. He will work with you and your spouse in kitchen table meetings, working civilly and rationally to make decisions about your children, parenting time, finances, support and division of assets/debts. The collective goal of the parties and the mediator is to reach an agreement that will work in the long term. As a mediator, Rahul does not take sides or offer legal advice to either spouse. He is an unbiased mediator.

In Collaborative Divorce, each spouse has legal representation. The Collaborative team may also include a divorce coach, child specialist, financial specialist, and/or counselors. Learn more about Collaborative Divorce here.

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