Collaborative Divorce in Vancouver

A No-Court Approach to Separation or Divorce

Parents swear, and child worriesIn a Collaborative Divorce, you and your spouse will each have an individual lawyer who will help both parties negotiate on important issues, like children and finances. Honest, open communication in “kitchen table” discussions between you, your spouse, and each person’s lawyer, can potentially save you from the emotional, physical, and emotional struggles that you would face in a traditional divorce.

Development of Collaborative Divorce

Marriage and domestic partnerships are not simply legal agreements. On the contrary, when an emotional relationship is involved, when finances are shared, and if children result from or have been brought into the couple’s union, the law is only one small piece of a dynamic, multifaceted situation.

In 1990, in Minneapolis, MN, USA, a lawyer named Stuart Webb coined the phrase “Collaborative Divorce” to put a name to the process of settling separations and divorce agreements out of court. With negotiation, compromise, and communication, many couples can resolve important issues without involving a judge.

In Medicine Hat, Alberta, CAN, court divorces were cut by 85% once collaborative law entered the scene. Some see a future with collaborative law as a mainstream practice.

Will Collaborative Divorce Work for You?

Collaborative Divorce requires that both you and your spouse be willing to work toward finding common interests and amicable arrangements on the important, though often difficult, issues that must be negotiated. Honesty, respect, trust, and active participation are key to a successful Collaborative Divorce. Without the cooperation of both parties, Collaborative Divorce cannot work.

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