Steps of Litigation

1. Filing Notice of Family Claim (NOFC) – The first step to divorce litigation is filing NOFC with the court and serving your spouse with it.

2. Judicial Case Conference (JCC) – After filing NOFC, parties and their lawyers usually attend a JCC, an informal mediation conducted by a Master or a Judge at the courthouse. The idea is to settle some or all issues here. Some people are able to obtain interim orders if both parties are agreeable to it.

3. Mediation – Parties may attend mediation in attempts to resolve their outstanding issues out of court. Mediation may be held more than once and can be conducted at any time during the divorce process. Rahul Aggarwal is an experienced family mediator, so you can call him with questions or schedule a consultation.

4. Discovery – Your lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer will trade documentation and testimonies held out of court. Each lawyer can ask questions of the other, and a court reporter records the process, called examination for discovery.

5.Trial – In a court of law, a trial is conducted in front of a judge. The judge makes decisions on any unresolved issues, and both parties must comply with the terms the judge sets forth.

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